Monday, September 10, 2012

Bloggy Mcblogster

Over the summer, a great friend of mine introduced me to a blog. She told me I had to read this one post about being 'normal and single, so what's wrong with me?' So I subscribed to the blog, followed the author on Twitter and Instagram, and called it a day. Little did I know that this woman's words would have such an impact on my life. Her name is Ruthie Dean, a young, Christ-following, non-cheesy, REAL woman who shares her advice and life experiences on an array of subjects. She wasn't married until after college and often struggled with issues that Christian ladies go through in pursuit of affirmation, acceptance, and love. Her latest post was 'God doesn't want you to fake it.' which you can imagine, is pretty convicting. I live by the saying 'Our injustices are small' and to never let anything get in the way of the power of the cross, but that doesn't mean we aren't allowed to feel, it's dangerous to put everything in God's hands and not truly trust and believe he will work.That, my friends, is faking it. We often go about our lives and are encouraging, reading the word, and even witnessing Christ to others, all while not being completely honest and real with God. Ruthie wrapped it up in the following quote: 

"We have the message of the Bible all wrong when we think we have to pretend our lives have a perfect bow wrapped around them–when Jesus  calls us to tell the world that despite heartache, addictions, broken families, and all the tragic circumstances–that we have hope. We don’t hope in happiness, but we place our hope in joy."

Let this be a challenge in your week. Be real. God desires nothing less than vulnerability in order to romance you. 

Also, PLEASE check out Ruthie's blog, you will not regret it! The link is below!

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