Wednesday, January 8, 2014

This is sort of an oxymoron.

   It has become nearly impossible, as of late, to scroll through social media feeds such as Facebook and Twitter without seeing a link to a blog post or online article. Your aunt Deb posts "20 Books to Read Before The Movie Comes Out" and then there's the single friend who posts articles publicly trying to justify her relationship status, and finally, there's the angsty but equally motivating article "Name Something the Church is Doing Wrong."
   We all know these posts fairly well. I am guilty of posting the ones that make me think and I definitely encourage my friends to read them. There's something to be said for posts that motivate people to action, or inspire people. This is not a bad thing, so that's not where I'm going with this. That'd be annoying.
However, with so many being posted (And my terrible self-control when it comes to reading them), all of this advice is starting to get jumbled in my head. It's time to take a step back.
   This is a constant struggle for me, but I want to make light of the fact that most of these articles/ blog posts are hinting that there is a 'best way' or an 'easiest way' to do things. I'm not so sure that that's the truth.
Seeking wisdom is just part of life, something that we do naturally. So, when an issue we're encountering is all wrapped up in a nice little blog and posted on the internet for easy access, why the heck not? Well, that's a valid point, but I think our immediate acceptance of these blogs as truth becomes a tricky thing to discern.   To start, most of the posts contain some sort of list, or number of things you must do for blankity blank blank to improve. It's never that simple. Each of our circumstances, though often ubiquitous, are unique and rarely clear cut, or black and white. No easy answer or list of things is going to be designed specifically for your life. Sure, use these posts as a general guideline every once in a while, but don't let them rule over your decisions.
    In fact, when you try to implement these things in your life and you fall short of fixing the blankity blank blank, then what? In light of the advice given, we have failed...yet again. Comparison is already biting at our ankles trying to break us down, and yet we stand feeling inadequate, just trying to get things right for once. Oh, to just be able to do something the correct way. The best way. Then I would be happier, more successful, less burdened, less judged. Friends, that is false. What does 'the best way' even mean? That is a concept so fickle and subjective and we let it overtake our lives in a heartbreaking amount of ways.
   Now, here's where I apologize for not having an easy solution for this problem. But I do have a few suggestions. Go to people in your life for advice. Like you know, you have 'your people' (Shameless Grey's Anatomy plug). They know you, they know your life, they understand what's really at stake. Trust them to provide real and honest opinions. It's much more personal than suggestions given to you via a random author half way across the country who doesn't know your first name or even your favorite color, for Pete's sake. My other suggestion is to simply seek God. Take Scripture as absolute truth and pray, everything else will fall into place, and you just have to trust God's faithfulness. Man's empty words will contradict each other when they try to reveal 'the best way' to do something. God's living, breathing, inspired word will absolutely guide you. Sometimes it takes a while to get to a point of clarity with God, but be relentless in pursuing Him. Flee from settling for what some blogger advises you do with your life. Overall, seeking God makes everything more approachable and a whole lot simpler. Our minds are quick to try to fix things. We even recognize how much we need change, and then we try to do it ourselves. This task will bring exhaustion, overwhelming anxiety, and defeat rather quickly. What if we just let God work and actively pursued His spirit? What if we didn't feel that grandiose feeling of inadequacy, that pressure to get things right?

Remember God is for you, even in the little things. Strive to do things for His glory, not just for the sake of doing them 'the best way.'

Feel free to share your thoughts! Thanks for reading this whole entire thing. Here's a virtual pat on the back!

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  1. It wouldn't take much extra time on your behalf and the worst thing that could happen is your audience will grow, I think you should submit your work to some of your favorite blogs/websites (RELEVANT) for publication. That is, if you aren't already. Excellent work.