Monday, March 25, 2013

Truth. Not a Trend.


     Okay, so the above T-shirt is a little cheesy, but I think it speaks an honest point. So often in Christian culture we try to make things trendy and relatable. I think it is important to practice faith in a way that is exciting and unique to different people, but it's even more important to focus on 'what' instead of 'how' in light of the content being presented.
    As Christ-followers, our job is simple, Matthew 28:19: Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. The Bible says nothing about participating in the newest, most 'hipster' ministries that seem radical and exalted. I speak with conviction when I say that we seem to often get caught up in the trendy ways of doing ministry, the 'Christian hipster ideology', and we judge peoples' hearts based on these things. Let's be honest, it's pretty easy to target 'the home-schooler' in a group of people and think how they're in their own little world. Hmm, they don't donate to that African well-building charity? They don't listen to the new Passion CD? These thoughts are a bit exaggerated, but hint at a reality.  
   To be Christ-like is to be completely unbiased and loving to people of all social groups, all ages, majors, etc. After all, the power of the cross transcends every boundary constructed by people. Jesus isn't a trend. To say and act accordingly is almost insulting to his character. Being exclusive was not something he was about. In our feeble attempts to be like him, it seems obvious that we should strive to reach those especially outside the 'in crowd'. With Easter approaching, I simply can't get over the fact that Jesus died and rose again. For me. For all of us. Talk about perspective. Despite the cultural spin we put on the gospel, the truth is profound, sufficient, and absolutely beautiful. I want to challenge myself and others to step out of focusing on maintaining a trendy faith. Don't pull a Pharisee; that's no good. Try sitting next to someone who is alone and doesn't own a pair of Toms, or look into ministries that don't provide coffee or sweet v-necks. Once again, I do not want to condemn being trendy, I mean, who doesn't love a good v-neck? I just don't think it's right to let these things blur the vision of Christ we are called to share.
     I really hope this little rant is encouraging in some way to you all. It is something that has been on my heart for a while now. I struggled many times to get the right words in order to not sound anti-hipster or critical, that's not my goal. I'm still not entirely sure if I've captured exactly what I want to share, but I would love to clear up any confusion in the comments section.
P.S Also, I've been obsessed with the band All Sons & Daughters recently. Their song 'All the Poor and Powerless' has had me undone, often times in the middle of a 7 page paper...but seriously, listen to the lyrics(Not sure what the video shows..)and reflect on what God has done for you. In turn, think of what you can do for others, whether you bond over French-press coffee or not. ;) The link is below.
Thanks for sticking with me,

All the Poor and Powerless:

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