Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Yes, that's the book for me...

   I have a thing with repetition, I don't know if that's my English major being revealed, or if I am just super sensitive to events, words, or ideas that persist. On that note, whenever I become aware of something echoing in my life, it becomes important and powerful. It seems that every recent church service or message I've heard has been so adamantly focused on one topic. One single, simple truth. It just so happens to be a truth that I have been ignorantly craving in my everyday life for quite some time. This truth is something we as Christians know in the deep of our hearts, but often misuse and neglect. I am speaking of reading, meditating, and living by God's word. Scripture. 
   Speaking of my personal experience, it is fairly easy to read daily devotionals or some mind-blowing C.S Lewis literature. As an avid reader, I get sucked into anything that annotates Christianity, or shares inspiring stories that make me want to change, so, basically any Christian writing! I also believe they can aide in maintaining a healthy relationship with God. We can easily take those words and apply them to our lives because they speak to us, which can be beneficial.There is a point, though, where we must turn away and get back to focusing on the word of God. The value of those man-inspired words with some (often) out-of-context verses become fleeting in light of the God-breathed, inspired scripture we have the freedom to study. It is the authority in all situations. The answer to all questions. It is all we have to learn about Jesus, the man we are called to be like-minded with. I cannot even express how important this is. I know that I have heard the Sunday-school command 'Read your Bible!' for years. Like I said, it's a simple truth. 
   Starting a new semester at Cedarville has given me an excuse to begin new journeys in my life. Instead of trying to grow and focus on the Writings of Oswald Chambers, C.S Lewis, or Eldredge, I will base my devotion on scripture, first. I never knew how much I needed it until I felt like I was stuck. Like I wasn't growing from reading other types of books. I was yearning for something more solid, more consistent. Praise the Lord for 'duh' moments. Soon after this longing began, the reoccurring sermons came.  It may sound redundant, but we always have something to learn from scripture. Pray about it and see where you end up, what God is telling you. It's the beginning of a new year, take this opportunity to challenge yourself. Use God's word as the authority it's meant to be and be held accountable. I pray that I can do the same.
Thank you for reading!

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