Thursday, May 10, 2012

Keeping the mundane away

Being an analytical English major and writer is a blessing and a curse, sometimes. I will get inspired from the smallest, off-the-wall things. This happens so much during my day that I decided to keep a blog containing some of the things that inspire me and lead me toward Christ. Whether it be lyrics, book quotes, people or an idea that pops into my head while drinking my morning coffee, I will post it here. I hope to be encouraging and push others to be aware of their own blessings even in hardship. I'm so fascinated with Jesus and his love for me, how it shows up in my day and how I can acknowledge him. That's why I call this 'finding open arms' because I come back to my father's embrace daily and I just can't contain that to myself! I hope you will be revealed to open arms daily, as well! It's an incredible journey.
Thanks for reading!

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